Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years and New Bottom

See the new bottom paint

Warm on the inside

Susie and I headed to Gulf Shores for New Years 2012 and wouldn't you know it, the cold front of the year pushed down South and chilled the Gulf.  Although it was cold outsied, we stayed warm inside.  We had just put BriarPatch back in the water after being out on the hard almost all of December.  While out for general bottom job paint and maintenance, we replaced the old thruhulls that didn't get replaced last time out.  We now have new thruhulls and hoses for the head and all it's plumbing. That's one of those things that you don't think about very much, unless you are at sea and discover 3 feet of water in your bilge.  This will make me sleep better knowing I have solid thruhulls even though I can't see them.  I much prefer spending money on things that make the boat look pretty, so I just have to pretend that the new fittings are pretty. 
Isn't this pretty?