Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our New Pearson 424

Ladies and gentlemen...introducing our new boat....OneEighty. Well, it is really not new, but it is new to us. We recently purchased a Pearson 424 that is located on Lake Erie. The boat is up North, and our first venture is to bring her South, hence the name "OneEighty", which is due South on the compass. It might also be a moniker for a change in life.

The good news about that is that the boat has never been in salt water, which is good for wear and tear. The bad news is that the boat is 1000 miles from home. We will try and make the best of that and use it as a vehicle for adventure. The plan is to sail her home on her own bottom. More on that later as plans develop. Meanwhile we have just pulled the boat out of the water at Sandusky Harbor Marina, put her on jack-stands, and winterized her. That is all new to us; we don't have to worry about the Gulf of Mexico freezing, but we are told that Lake Erie gets solid enough to drive a truck over. Next spring in the April-May timeframe we will start thawing things out for the trip home. Meanwhile, the winter will give us time to get some additions and maintenance by the professionals. Follow us at
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